Luiz Claudio Valdetaro's slot car page

Luiz Claudio Valdetaro's slot car page

These are the four cars of my original collection

This is the longest running website in the world that is actually hosted by a cell phone. Since november of 2010. Click here to see a picture of the "server" that hosts this web site. Yes, this is for real!

This home page is dedicated to my hobby: slot cars. I have been collecting and racing them since the 60's. In this site you will find a description and pictures of each car in my collection. Please refrain from making any offers regarding trading or purchase of my collection cars. They are not for sale or trade.

A bit of history and background on this site

I live in Texas, but I started my collection in the 60's in Brazil, with a Cheetah Cox/Dubro that my brother Joao Valdetaro gave me. I still have it in my collection. Since then I added many other cars. My favorites? This Cheetah, a Cox Ford Galaxie Gurney-Ford autographed in the trunk by Dan Gurney himself. And finally a very special one: A tinplate Scalextric 1/27 Scale Maserati F1! The very first slot car ever made (1956). The patent application by minimodels depicted this car.

I'm more into racing the cars and having fun with them than collecting the "pure", original car. Incidentally, I do have a lot of originals. However, don't let yourself be overimpressed with my collection... I don't own "Mint in Box" cars. The very few I got my hands on it, I comitted the capital crime: I opened the box and built the car! I like to build my cars, and race them. Of course, if the car is valuable, such as a Cox 2E, I do so very carefully. But I build them and detail them as necessary. A lot of my cars have reproduction parts to make them complete. Most of them were acquired in poor condition and restored to near mint. A lot of them are still going through this process.

If you have suggestions for this web site, please contact me via email.

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